1. Name?
Tyler Reid
2. Nick Name?
3. Goofy or Reg?
4. Date of Birth?
5. Sponsors?
Matuse wetsuits, cult clothing, k-5 boardshop, AKA surfboards, D-Surf.
6. Where are you from?
Encinitas CA.
7. Where do you live?
Encinitas CA.
8. Favorite people to shred with?
anyone who’s down to surf everyday
9. Favorite hobbies?
Skateboarding, playing pool, anything outside or in the
10. Favorite breakfast food?
I don’t eat breakfast...
11. Favorite music?
Anything from thievery corp. to atmosphere to motley crew...i like it all
12. Best surf trip ever?
Indo march 2007
13. Dream surf trip?
Indo sept. 2007
14. All time favorite surfers?
Slater, Rasta, Dorian, Kalani Rob
15. Whats the best job you've ever had?
one time i got paid to hand out cliff bars, but i just ate most of them so that was pretty sweet.
16. Whats the worst job you've ever had?
17. What do you like the most about AKA?
The quick turn around time with theboards...when they say three weeks, they mean three weeks. Plus they’re like a mile from my house.
18. Any advice to the up-and-coming groms?
surf as much as possible and just remember to have fun, bottom line.
19. What keeps your stoke alive?
Going on surf trips because if i had to rely on the waves at home to get stoked, i probably wouldn’t surf...
20. Any shouts out to the homies?
thanks to my sponsors, all my bros, Chris Vestal, Scott Viscomi, Eric Hjermstad,my family & most importantly, my mom.