1. Name?
Sam Trafficanda
2. Nick Name?
3. Goofy or Reg?
Regular bitch
4. Date of Birth?
Dec 19th 1991
5. Sponsors?
AKA Surfboards, Imperial Motion
6. Where are you from?
Simi Valley L.A.
7. Where do you live?
Cardiff S.D.
8. Favorite people to shred with?
Shindizzy,O-man,Tommy Grom, Uncle Novy
9. Favorite hobbies?
10. Favorite breakfast food?
Justin Burrito
11. Favorite music?
12. Best surf trip ever?
13. Dream surf trip?

14. All time favorite surfers?
Damien Hobgood, Dane Reynolds, Dion Aguis, Mitch Colborne, Yadin Nicol
15. Whats the best job you've ever had?
16. Whats the worst job you've ever had?
Wayne's World Christmas Tree Lot
17. What do you like the most about AKA?
tThe dog and they're so damn nice
18. Any advice to the up-and-coming groms?
Don't try so hard to impress girls
19. What keeps your stoke alive?
20. Any shouts out to the homies?
...Hey guys!