1. Name?
Peter Devries
2. Nick Name?
Canadian Bacon
3. Goofy or Reg?
4. Date of Birth?

April 30th 1983
5. Sponsors?
Hurley, Red Bull, AKA, Globe, Ryders Eyewear, Storm Surf Shop and Nixon
6. Where are you from?
Tofino, B.C. Canada
7. Where do you live?
Tofino, B.C. Canada
8. Favorite people to shred with?
Noah Cohen, Ollie Atkey, Hank & Ola
9. Favorite hobbies?
Other sports. Tennis, ping pong. Hanging with my girl, Lisa.
10. Favorite breakfast food?
Crepes and waffles
11. Favorite music?
Anything...a good mix
12. Best surf trip ever?
Indo. The first time is always the best
13. Dream surf trip?
Anywhere uncrowded with my girl and the local boys and a good barreling right.
14. All time favorite surfers?
KS, AI and Parko
15. Whats the best job you've ever had?
Pro surfer.
16. Whats the worst job you've ever had?
17. What do you like the most about AKA?
I like how on it they are for a surf company. They make sick boards too.
18. Any advice to the up-and-coming groms?
Go surfing and have fun doing it. Don't think about sponsorships and coverage. Do it because you love to surf!
19. What keeps your stoke alive?
Catching good waves at home. I love surfing at home.
20. Any shouts out to the homies?
All the boys at Storm. Fernie, for always helping me out, and getting me set on the right track.