1. Name?
Charley Stevens
2. Nick Name?
Charley Murphy, Chuck
3. Goofy or Reg?
4. Date of Birth?
5. Sponsors?
AKA surfboards
6. Where are you from?
Cabo then Carlsbad
7. Where do you live?
8. Favorite people to shred with?
All da boys at State beach, Jamie Sterling, Josh Buran
9. Favorite hobbies?
Winching, banging, chillin with my friends, traveling, eating good food
10. Favorite breakfast food?
lola's small bean chesse w/egg
11. Favorite music?
reggae, dubstep, rap, Irish rock
12. Best surf trip ever?
4 months in Puerto w/ Jamie Sterling
13. Dream surf trip?
Another 4 months in Puerto w/ all my friends
14. All time favorite surfers?
Derrek Bockleman, Machado, Josh Buran, Ryan Carlson
15. Whats the best job you've ever had?
Getting paid to surf, and my current job @ hensley's flying elephant
16. Whats the worst job you've ever had?
17. What do you like the most about AKA?
Great people, good vibes, and they make what I wanna ride
18. Any advice to the up-and-coming groms?
Don't be fryed!!! Be respectful!!!
19. What keeps your stoke alive?
Having fun everytime I go surfing, riding trippy boards too!
20. Any shouts out to the homies?
Anyone who has helped me or has shared words of wisdom with me in a positive way! SBL's... Love you mom, Marc Sabatini for teaching me how to surf and giving me and my first few boards.