We believe that a surfboard is one of the most personal items you can buy for yourself. Everyone has different experience levels, preferences, weight/height, and your going to be surfing different waves in different places. We have developed a simple three-step process that insures we will get all the proper information to make your board the way you want it. Also, you are able to make a secure payment through our web site.

Call us, we will never make a custom board without speaking to the rider to find out the essential details. We can be reached at 760-473-3543 or toll free at 888-337-7873.

We will discuss the following:
1. Experience level
2. Age / Height / Weight
3. What kind of waves do you mostly surf?
4. Where do you live?
5. What you’re looking for out of your custom board?

After we determine what board we're going to shape you, you will have options for glassing, fins and artwork which will also determine the final cost. After we come to an agreement on the price we move forward to step two.

We will email you an invoice that will outline the details of your order. At the bottom there will be a total cost and a link that will take you to a secure part of our web site where you can make payment and again, review the details of your order. We will begin your order immediately after speaking to you, if we don’t receive payment within 48 hours we will call you to find out if there are any problems.

We do our job and make sure your board ships out within the time frame we discussed.

Picking up or shipping?
We can ship anywhere in the world, its just a matter of what you are willing to pay. Shipping domestic in the US averages between $50 and $75 for a standard short board. Other areas of the US like Massachusetts (the Cape) or Rhode Island can be a bit more expensive because they are considered to be a bit out of the way for freight companies.

In any case, if you are concerned about freight costs, hit us up and we’ll quote the freight for you.