Mamoru and his team in Japan are our partners in building the AKA brand in Japan. We have shared the same vision for our brand since we met years ago and we are still on the same program. We are all very excited to see where our partnership takes us.

If you're not traveling with Destination surf and travel accessories, you're stupid. Just kidding, but seriously you’d be messing up. Hand's down, the best surf accessories in the business. Destination is the longest surviving surfing accessory company. Why? Consistency, always providing a quality product and never feeling like they have to take out a second mortgage on the house to sign the newest big name rider. Dsurf riders use the product because they know what they can trust and depend on. Trust us when we say that you don't want to be tripping deep in South America or deep in the far east with anything less than an Expedition Series Coffin with wheels...make it easy on yourself! Leashes, traction, travel bags, backpacks and more...we're stoked to have friends like these.

The founders of Academy have been a part of the snowboarding world since it's birth and remain a core root to what that world should be. Sick style and solid product, this is what its all about. Academy has been a strong supporter and a great inspiration for the AKA movement. We live by their words...
Quality · Progression · Individual

David is the shit! We've known David since he was a little padiwon, now he's a full blown Jedi and master of the creative arts. Too bad for you that even if you wanted him to do something for you he just doesn’t have the time….a good problem to have if your a designer.

Surf Aid International is one of the most humane and noble groups you can find. If any of you have ever traveled through Indonesia, specifically through the Mentawai Islands, you might have a small clue as to some of the problems that plague the indigenous people of that region. Surf Aid is focused on getting the proper immunizations to that region to improve the general health and mortality rate. The mortality rate for children currently stands at 50%…need we say more? If you can spare just a few dollars it will help more than you think.

Jeremy has hooked us up so huge over the years its just ridiculous. Super talented photo and film guy, him and Pete are always getting creative up in the far North West. So stoked to have Jeremy as part of the program.

Movement is the definition of ignoring the corporate "surf industry" world and following a path that can only be described as grass roots. Jason, the founder steered clear of "big name" riders when they wanted to partner up and take Movement to the mainstream to stay true to his movement....much respect!

I was sitting in Mainland China, I'd already been there for a couple weeks on business. Thinking ahead I had my coffin with four boards in storage at the Hong Kong airport...the only question was, where do I go? Indo, Fiji, Phillipines, Maldives...etc. I had pretty much decided to go check out the Maldives and I was one click away from confirming a booking at Lohifushi island. Then I got a phone return call from Ian at Atoll and he screamed into the phone "NO MATE DONT DO IT!" He talked me into staying at Dhonevelli with his partner Tony and he said he would be there in a couple weeks to meet up with us. Long story short....macking surf for three weeks, 13 people staying on the island and only 10 surfers. Lohifushi had over 80 surfers staying on the island at the same time. Ian saved my ass and in the end I've got a whole new family in the Maldives, I've been back three times since. Tony, Iboo, Dara and friends...Love you and hope to see you soon.

Juan…the most interesting man in the world! He’s not really but you should have seen his Halloween costume a couple years ago, holy shit it was hilarious. Totally nailed that part. Juan is a super talented artist that has had our back many times in the past and if you want some artwork on your board, Juan will be the first person I call.

Hansen's was the very first shop to support our movement. They are also one of the oldest surf shops in the country. Don Hansen is a staple in the history of surfing and he started shaping boards out of the original shop way back in the day and it has grown into a multi-level 10,000+ sq foot surf shop. Not too shabby.

Think you're down with you're shit. Okay, stop by Greenhouse Boardshop and grab yourself a new 8'6 cali gun and a bar of frigid wax, then paddle out at one of the local beach breaks when its 20' at 15 seconds....then we'll see how tough you are. The crew at Greenhouse are holding it down quite nicely in Arcata.

A huge thanks to everyone that has supported us over the years! From friends to customers, from sanders to the FedEx guys…we appreciate all of you!

We would like to make a very special thanks to Kenny Huseman, Jason Tomaino & Lisa Desantis, we couldn’t possibly say thank you enough. Chloe for being the cutest damn thing that ever walked the face of the earth. Our families for being supportive even when they really just want to tell you to get a real job. Bradley B for….well, just for being you and wearing those silly gloves all the time. Duane Pacha, Brett & Amy Ward, Aaron & Katherine Smith, Josh & Meg, Jeff & Stephanie Hodges…and of course, the rest of the Hodges crew! Muchas gracias para casa de San Miguel. David and Lee Halloran (almost!!) Sean and Cielo Travis, can’t wait for the next adventure in your hood! Tim and the crew at TNT, Javier and the crew at XTR. Bobby D, Shawn Landin, Jeremy Sine, Jeremy Koreski, Phil “Boo” Stubbs and the boys at Futures. Josh Hansen and everyone else at Hansens, Lastly, a great big ol thanks goes out to Planet Earth and Mother Ocean for letting us kick it.

Tony Hussain Hinde was a friend to many. A true surf pioneer and adventurer, Tony was the first one to discover the amazing surf potential of the Maldives. Originally shipwrecked in the Maldives in 1973 but it wasn't until his fourth trip back in 1975 where he would score the first of thousands of epic days in the Maldives. He kept the newly discovered surf potential of the Maldives a secret for 15 years after that....take a second to imagine that. Tony fell in love with the country, the people, the waves and everything else it had to offer so he became a citizen of the Maldives, married a local girl and raised a family. He is considered to be the "father of surfing in the Maldives" and is also credited for their booming tourism industry.

Sadly, in January of 2008 Tony lost the love of his life, his wife Zulfa. Within weeks of her being diagnosed with Cancer she passed. Only a few months later in May of 2008 on their 25th wedding anniversary Tony suffered a cardiac arrest while surfing Pasta Point. Sad and beautifully romantic, I am sure Tony and Zulfa are where they both belong. Together.

Tony and Zulfa will be missed by many from all corners of the earth.