The AKA board line is the work of Jay Novak. Jay is a seasoned shaper that has been shaping full time for over 35 years. Jay created an entire line with new board templates to meet the performance goals for AKA. Since we partnered up with Jay he has consistently shaped world-class performance shapes for everyone from the pro to the beginner. We believe that Jay’s greatest virtue is his ability to shape custom boards to meet an individuals specific needs. We constantly receive emails and phone calls from stoked customers abroad.
It’s all about the shapes! Without the shaping skills of Jay Novak all we would be is a logo. Matter of fact, the shapes is what started it all. Frustrated with a few custom board-buying experiences I decided to ask my buddy, who owned a glass shop at the time, if he recommended any local shapers to shape a board for me. I didn’t want any names or logos, all I wanted was a shape that my friend could glass for me. So, he hooked me up with Jay. It didn’t take long before my friends started asking me to have boards shaped for them, sure no problem. However, when friends of friends started asking for boards it became a problem. All of a sudden we needed blanks, fin boxes, fins…etc. Trying to get all the materials without actually being a surfboard company proved to be a little difficult so AKA was born. Searching for the most generic name possible, aside from a black label that just read “surfboard” – Also Known As (AKA) Surfboards seemed to suit us well.

Since partnering up with Jay in 2003 we have made thousands of boards and we’ve shipped them (and surfed them) all over the world. We certainly are not trying to be the next Channel Islands or Rusty, we just want to make a few boards and have a little fun along the way. We’re not really into making long boards, fun boards or eggs, as a personal preference our board line is more performance oriented.

The greatest thing about surfboards is how stoked we all get when we wax up a new board…there is nothing better than being the one that delivers that stoke.